Top 5 Best Proofreading Tools for Flawless Content Writing

Best proofreading tools are just what we need to write a good article. We all know how difficult grammar is, especially with its general rules and exemption. This truth is when proofreading tools become vital! Proofreading is crucial, and you should constantly be concerned about the stuff you publish online. You must edit your writings before sending them to someone, whether you are writing for blogs or academic articles.

Such apps can help you write content like a pro. You can download such applications from the internet. If you want to know other helpful tips on writing, you can visit for some guidance. Anyway, here’s the list of the best proofreading tool.

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What Is Proofreading

Proofreading is not just a mere formality; it is an essential step in the process of creating any written content. Whether it’s an academic essay, a business report, a personal blog post, or even an email, proofreading ensures that your words effectively communicate your intended message. Often overlooked or dismissed as unnecessary, proofreading is, in fact, far from arbitrary.

So, what is proofreading exactly? Well, it involves carefully reviewing and correcting a piece of writing to eliminate any errors, such as misspellings, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and inconsistencies in style and formatting. The role of a proofreader is akin to that of a detective, meticulously examining each word and sentence for potential linguistic culprits.

One of the most apparent reasons why proofreading is so crucial is its ability to enhance the readability and comprehension of any text. Mistakes in spelling and grammar can impede understanding and create confusion. Imagine trying to decipher a message with multiple typos or poorly constructed sentences – it hinders the flow of information and distracts the reader from the intended meaning. By eliminating such errors, proofreading empowers your writing to be clear, concise, and easily comprehensible.

Furthermore, proofreading contributes significantly to establishing credibility and professionalism. No matter how great the substance of an idea, a piece filled with grammatical mistakes and typographical errors diminishes its impact. These errors not only convey carelessness but may also give the impression that the information or arguments presented lack authenticity or intellectual rigor. By thoroughly proofreading, you demonstrate your commitment to rigorous writing, attention to detail, and, ultimately, your professionalism.

Proofreading also provides an opportunity for authors to refine their writing style. By going over their work, writers can spot recurring mistakes, improve sentence structures, and refine the clarity and coherence of their arguments. This reflection and revision process inevitably helps authors to become better writers over time. It allows them to identify patterns in their mistakes, explore different phrasing options, and ultimately evolve their style to convey their ideas more effectively. Consequently, each time you proofread, you invest in your personal and professional growth as a writer.

Moreover, proofreading is essential for preserving the integrity of your written work by ensuring accuracy and consistency. Consistency not only applies to spelling and grammar but also to broader aspects such as terminology, date formatting, and citation style. These seemingly trivial details are what create a cohesive piece of writing. Without carefully proofreading, inconsistencies can slip through the cracks, causing readers to question the overall reliability and credibility of the content.

In conclusion, proofreading is an integral part of the writing process. Its impact on the clarity, professionalism, credibility, and consistency of any written work cannot be stressed enough. Everyone, regardless of their writing prowess, can benefit from taking the time to proofread their texts and ensure that the message they intend to convey is both error-free and effectively communicated. So always remember, never underestimate the power of a properly proofread document – it could be the difference between a mere collection of words and a compelling piece of literature.

Best Proofreading Tools in 2020


grammarly logo

First on the list is Grammarly. This application is a writing tool that allows you to check different kinds of errors in your article. It seamlessly integrates on your MS Word app as well as your browser. Thus, you can use this while writing a document or creating an email or posting on social media.

The app has two versions: free and premium. For the free version, it can correct grammar and punctuation such as the proper use of ‘is’ and ‘are’ or when to place semi-colon or just colon. Another thing that it can do is to rectify wrong spellings. Thus, if you’re someone who gets confused if the word “recommendation” is double “c” or “m,” you can install this tool on your computer.

Meanwhile, Grammarly Premium detects plagiarism. Once it processes your article, it will compare your writing to thousands of webpages on the internet. As such, you don’t have to worry about being punished for having plagiarized. Furthermore, it provides real-time analysis of your readability score, sentence length, and repetitive words.

Grammarly could be a bit pricey, but there are ways to get Grammarly Premium for Free. You just need to do any of three things: use the free trial, enroll in the affiliate program or use codes.

Pricing: $29.95 per month or $11.66 per month for one year


ginger supporting icon

Ginger is another proofreading software that you may use to check your writings and help you avoid some of the silly writing mistakes. Like the first one, you can add this app to your browser. However, it does not simultaneously edit while you’re working. Instead, it opens up a new window where you can type your text. The advantage, however, is that you can focus more on your sentence. And, it has a Rephrase tool that provides revision on how to deliver your message.

One more reason why Ginger is preferred is its ability to translate from one language to another. As such, it is perfect for a businessman or researcher. It supports over 50 different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, and German. Besides, it has a built-in text reader that allows you to listen to what you have written. Hence, not only can you perfect your grammar, but you’ll also learn the proper pronunciation and enunciation of words.

Pricing: Monthly – $29.96; Quarterly – $41.97; Annually – $89.88


You may also rely on PaperRater if you want to polish your writing. Whether you are a pro or just learning to write essays or even learning how to write a cover letter, this tool will prove useful. Of course, it has a premium version that you can purchase, but its free version can already do the job!

rate article

PaperRater allows you to fix errors in your writing. If you’re using the free version, you can check your grammar and spelling. All you have to do is paste the text on their website. Once they have processed it, you will get the result of your paper. This app asks for the education level of the writer as well as the type of document. Thus, it adjusts its standard based on the author’s capability.

Moreover, it will give you a grade for your article. From there, you will know if there’s a need for a revision or not. The tool will also analyze how you utilize transition words in your article. That said, you’ll be able to control using these phrases.

Pricing: $11.21 per month or $71.55 per year


Next, we have ProWritingAid. It contains basic and advanced proofreading tools similar to those above. You may also integrate it into your Word app or browser. This tool can also help you when you’re editing articles on Google documents.

As for its editing features, it allows users to edit faster as it highlights words or phrases which should be revised. For instance, the wrong spelling or wrong usage of a verb. The developers also recognized that some sentences might be grammatically correct but awkward to read. So, it also fixes sentence structures for comfortable and better reading.


Aside from these, they incorporated a dictionary or thesaurus. This app is a big help to those who don’t have a wide range of vocabulary. With ProWriting Aid, you will also learn while you’re editing. The tool will explain grammar rules.

Pricing: $60 per year or a one-time payment of $210


WhiteSmoke makes it on the list with its high-quality proofreading capacity. What sets this apart from its competitor is it works on a mobile phone. It is available on the Google Play Store, for Android, and Apple App Store, for iOS. Meaning, you can write perfectly even when you’re using your mobile devices.


When it comes to proofreading, it’s convenient to use. Once you hit the “Check Text” button, all the suggestions or revisions will appear right above the particular words or phrases. The Pro version supports translating of over 50 languages. Likewise, it contains English Writing Tutorials.


What are some proofreading techniques?

1. Pay concentration to spot out mistakes
2. Print out the document and read it aloud
3. Check the Apostrophes & Contractions
4. Correct the Punctuation
5. Watch out for similar words
6. Pay attention to the numbers in the document
7. Start reading the document from the end in a backward motion.

Where can I get my essay proofread?

As we have already stated some proofreading tools on our post, please check those tools to get your essay high quality proofread .

How do I become a proofreader?

to become a proofreader you must have:
Must be able to manage time
Market yourself on different platforms to get jobs
Must possess applied knowledge in English
Need eyes for inconsistent things.

Which of the Proofreading Tools fits you best?

You may choose your proofreading tools from the software mentioned above. With the help of any of this, people will be able to avoid errors or grammar mistakes while writing.

So, the next time you create blog posts post or an article feature, you might as well give them a try and see how it helps. Really helpful for bloggers and a content writer as well. Use the online proofreading tools for spelling errors and improve writing skills along the way. The online tool act as spell checkers and an editing tool. With so many excellent features, this Artificial Intelligence will check grammatical errors, give style suggestions and correct spelling mistakes. This amazing proofreading tool gives you in-depth reports on your content’s sentence structure, punctuation issues, repeated phrases, and more to improve your writing. Earn money from proofreading!

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