How to Start a Blog in 2024 That Makes Good Money

Blogging is the most desirable career for many people today. There are a lot of successful bloggers who are changing the conventional career concepts. However, many people are not aware of proper content creation on the internet. Blogs are not just a writeup you publish on Google; it has many more aspects one should know about. But before that, one needs to understand how to start a blog.

how to start a blog

Before we dig into the step-by-step guide on how to start a successful blog, we must clear the concept of blogging. It is nothing but online content in different niches. Fashion Blog, Food Blog, Beauty Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Science and Information Blog, and many other types of blogs can be created. You need a blogging platform, decide what type of blog post you want, some catchy headlines and subheadings, get a theme/template, and start blogging. 

How to Start a Blog

You’re wondering how to start a blog in 2023? Statistics say 4.57 billion people in the world are online. You can tap them just by appearing in search results by learning how to start a blog. Additionally, bloggers receive more traffic, increased sales, and a higher engagement level with their audience when they blog regularly. Learning how to start a blog is quick, easy, and simple. Also, you can even launch a blog in less than an hour! Thanks to the internet. Here’s a guide for beginners who are willing to start personal blogs.

Starting a blog needs a few steps. Before you start, choose a niche. The next thing you need is a proper blog platform. Get a custom domain (you can get a self-hosted domain). Then set a blog layout that suits your niche/topic of the blog, and start publishing your blog content. It is better to start with guest posts or personal blogs before you rush to professional blogging.

Following are the elaborated steps on how to start your blogs in 2023. Along with the steps, you will also know how to make your blog successful and make money out of your blog domains. Read this guide to know more.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here are the steps below. Read further into the page if you want the details, or click on every step to jump to your preferred part of the process.

  1. Select the blog niche or topic of your blog

    You need to decide on the central idea or theme of your whole blog. Ask yourself what you want to write about in this blog of yours.

  2. Choose a name for your blog.

    Decide on what you want to call your blog; how do you want it to be known.

  3. Choose a hosting and domain name.

    Decide on what will host your blog and what domain name to use.

  4. Choose themes and plugins for your blog.

    The theme would help you make your blog organized and unified. It also allows ease of access for your visitor, not to mention the attractive aesthetics that will keep your visitor hooked.

  5. Write and Publish a blog.

    Of course, you need to create your content.

  6. Marketing the Blog

    Promote your blog to get more visitors.

  7. Earn From Blogging

    You can set up your blog so you can earn from it.

Are you a fan of binge-watching but not binge-reading? Then here I am with a solution. If you are not a fan of reading then watch this detailed tutorial on how to start a blog that makes money. Do let us know how do you find the video helpful. Share your views with us in the comment section.

Let us get started by telling you how to start a blog in 7 straightforward steps. You will be ready to go in less than an hour!

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1. Select the Blog Niche or Topics of Your Blog

Writing blog posts is easy when you have specific topics to write on. If you know what content you will share with the world, it would be easy for you to continue. A successful blog depends on the knowledge and blog content you are sharing. So, choose a proper topic first.

People often get confused about which topic or niche they should write about. If you’re thinking of getting income via your blog, then choose the topic carefully. You can search for affiliate programs to get an idea of the topic.

  1. Your blog must have a direction or focus. Do not choose vast subjects to write on. Try to stick to a single topic or niche.
  2. It is not necessary that if you like something, others will like it too. Write about something that many people are passionate about. Not something only you are passionate about, and others are not. 
  3. A successful blog must contain relevant articles, specific types such as cars, SEO, life hacks, etc., and have a proper name that reflects the blog type’s nature. 
  4. Follow any popular blog and take help from that. Do not copy or steal the content. However, steal the idea of blogs they run and structure your blog functionality. 

2. Choose a Name for Your Blog

A name is the most important thing while starting a blog. Once you know what type or niche of blog you are willing to start, it would be easier for you to set a name. The name or title will be the reflection of your blog. There is a straightforward rule to name your blog. Keep it short, simple, easy to remember, and relevant to the topics you are covering in your blog.

If your blog name is hard to remember or difficult to spell down, you wouldn’t be able to see a lot of traffic. However, some websites with unusual catchy names aren’t very descriptive, like ‘Google, ‘Yahoo,’ ‘Amazon,’ or ‘Bing,’ but you want your blog to be descriptive as a starter. Follow these steps to choosing the right name for your blog:

  • Choose catchy names, can create a buzz, or are descriptive of your services.
  • Try to run a competitor analysis and see what kind of names your peers use in the same market.
  • You can also try using a ‘Blog Name Generator’ like GoDaddy by entering one or two keywords and getting many recommendations.
  • Try mixing up words, using synonyms, or choosing a different combination of keywords to create a name.
  • List down the 10 best names you think are appropriate and get feedback from your friends or family.
  • Alternatively, you can also create a personal brand name for your blog using your existing company name or your own name.
  • It might be a good idea to start an llc for your blog.

Blogging Strategy

Once you have decided on a name for your blog, you’d also need to define a blogging strategy to proceed further. The best way to learn how to blog is to proceed further with a strategy:

  • Deciding what are the topics and niche that you are going to blog about
  • Define your target audience very specifically
  • Identify what the tone of the blog going to be (Casual/Professional) is
  • Listing all the objectives that you want to achieve through blogging
  • Making ‘Call of Actions’ in sync with the blogging objectives

3. Choose a Hosting and Domain Name

Domain and web hosting are essential steps when we talk about starting a blog. Specifically, a domain is a place you save on the internet for you. Custom domains are available with many service providers. To get the domain and web hosting, follow the steps.

Domain Names

Domain Name is the address where Internet users can access your website. For example, you are currently reading this article on ‘’, so the domain name here is 501 words. You can choose your domain name using many sites like NameCheap, where you’ll find several suitable domain names in no time. Make sure to choose a domain that is unique and suitable for your blog. It shouldn’t be irrelevant or unnecessary. 

Choosing a Domain and Web Hosting

To buy your domain name and web hosting, many popular service providers like, WP Engine, Ionos, and hundreds of others. But here we are mainly going to discuss using WP Engine because it provides a variety of benefits when you buy hosting from them:

  • Site building & management
  • Open Source flexibility
  • Site speed, scale & security
  • Site analytics

Web Hosting

Web Hosting or Blog Hosting is buying space on the Internet from a web host service provider to allow your website to be viewed on the internet. For example, when you want to start a physical office, you need to rent space. Similarly, this is renting space for your website on the internet. Check out Kinsta, a WordPress hosting provider, its details, and pricing plans; click here.

If you plan to start your blog with WordPress, WP Engine WordPress blog hosting would be a wise choice to host your website. Get your hosting plan here.

Steps to Buying Hosting and Domain Using WP Engine

  1. Visit ‘WP Engine
  2. Click on ‘Get Started’
  3. You’d be able to see various package options like Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom with different pricing per month for plans of 12 months.
  4. Select the one which is most appropriate according to your needs.
  5. You’d now be able to see the option of entering your details along with Payment Information. WP Engine would automatically add some Package Extras like ‘2-months free service’. You can keep/remove all these as per your needs and proceed further with payment. Later, you’d then get a screen saying, ‘Congratulations! Welcome to WP Engine’
  6. Next, Install ‘WordPress’ after login.
  7. WP Engine will now provide several blog design options; select the option you like.
  8. You can start building your site immediately.

4. Choose Themes and Plugins for Your Blog

When it comes to choosing a theme, WordPress has thousands of themes available. You can choose any of them according to your domain name.

How to Write a Blog Using Free and Premium Themes

Blog themes make your blog a beautiful one. You can change the theme according to the blog topic and blog design. To change themes of your WordPress, go to Appearance, and select Themes. Then, there are many free themes that WordPress provides for free; you can select any one of them. 

However, you can also choose to buy a Premium theme if you like from WPAstra and GeneratePress. They have reasonable basic plans. Now, to upload a theme that you have purchased:

Appearance -> Add theme –> Upload theme -> Import theme options

How to Write a Blog Using Plugins

  1. Yoast SEO: It helps you optimize your website by handling technical optimization, using keywords, meta titles, and descriptions along with a readability score.
  2. Login LockDown Plugin: Limits the number of login attempts from a given IP address
  3. Add social media plugin to connect your WordPress blog to other social network sites.
  4. Download any other plugin that might be needed by you and deactivate others

How to Activate Your SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate shows ‘HTTPS,’ and it shows that your website is secure so users can get confidence in using it. An SSL Certificate is important as it helps keep data secure, improves conversion rates, and shows higher Google rankings.

Use these steps to activate your free SSL Certificate:

WP Engine → My Sites → Manage Site → Security → SSL Certificate (enable)

5. Write and Publish a Blog

To write your first blog, follow the steps below:

  • Log in WordPress and select ‘All Posts’
  • Choose the ‘Create a New Post’ option
  • Add title, content, and format the content of your blog
  • Adjust the permalink (which is the customized URL for this specific blog) according to the blog’s title. Settings → Permalinks → Common Settings “Post Name” → (Save Changes)
  • Using the Yoast SEO, add a keyword, Title, Meta Description, and look at the SEO Score and the readability score for your content.
  • Check for grammatical mistakes. You can get the Grammarly Google Extension tool to rectify your grammatical mistakes.
  • After you are done with fully editing the post, click ‘Publish.’
  • Others will now be able to see your blog either using the link that you shared or through a google search when they input a search query similar to your keyword.

Before you start writing and publishing your blog, writers can get free training from Authority Hacker Pro. It provides a complete guide on how to build a website, marketing, and getting fruitful results.

6. Marketing the Blog

It is a must to promote your blog. For search engine optimization and social media optimization, one must market their blog. Gaining traffic from searches generates more leads. 

Statista says that 97% of bloggers promoted their posts using social media! When you write a blog, you want people to read it, share it, and engage with the post. Therefore, you can choose to market the blog using the following options:

  • Social Media – share your blog posts on leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Ask a friend to share your post on their Facebook and other profiles to market your blog.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – use keyword research tools to optimize your blog. 
  • E-mail marketing – Email marketing is another way to promote your blog. Make an email list and add the email addresses you want to send your blog posts to. Send them marketing emails every time you post an article. 
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Paid Services

Apart from the options above, you can also go for guest posts. You have to go to other blogging platforms and write about your services and blog posts. In this way, readers will be redirected to your blog post through your guest post on other platforms. 

You can read all Blogging Tips to promote your blog to reach the maximum audience and receive higher conversion rates. Check out SEMRush for more marketing tools that can be used to market your Blog.

7. Earn From Blogging

Money blogging is when you earn a chunk of money from your blog posts. Learning how to blog can earn you lots of money if done correctly. So, whether you will provide advertising space or charge commissions per ad, or sell products online, blogs can be monetized. Hence, we will discuss this in detail in the next step.

How to Make Money Using Your Blog Posts?

Many people choose blogs to earn a living. Their full-time income comes from blogging. There are many ways through which you can have full-time or passive income through blogging. Do you have a blog already and looking for income from it? Or are you planning to start a blog to earn some extra cash? To begin with, both of these are good options to earn using blogs.

Cost Per Click Ads

Google AdSense is an excellent program that lets you place a banner on your site and chooses which websites are relevant to you, and places ads using that algorithm. As a result, ads will be displayed on your blog, and these Cost Per Click (CPC) ads, so you will be paid every time someone clicks on them.

Furthermore, CPM (Cost Per Thousand) ads pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.

Sale of Private Ads

Using Google AdSense, Google acts as an intermediary in connecting you to the advertisers. Thus, they earn a commission on that. However, you may directly get in touch with advertisers, or advertisers can reach out to you to promote your site. Here you can set up your own rates, terms, and conditions of working with them instead of a fixed plan.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning money on your blog—several websites running Affiliate programs today like ‘Amazon’ where you can register to be an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you can promote Amazon products on your blog. The affiliate links should be pasted with the product name in your article so that readers can get those affiliate links and buy products via your referral. As each unit of advertised products will be sold, you will receive commission money. 

Make sure that the links appear prominently on your blog post. You can add a button that redirects to the product page.

Sale of Digital Products

If Affiliate marketing isn’t a good match for you, you can also consider selling your own e-books, music, podcasts, memberships, merchandise, etc., online to add a revenue source from your blogs. 

Therefore, the above-mentioned are all how you can use your blogs to create money.

What Are Blogs?

Blogs are the short form of Weblogs. When they share their views or knowledge on a particular topic and publish it online as a journal, a writer or a group of writers is called Weblogs or Blogs. Blogs can be written for personal purposes or can be written for business purposes. 

Purpose of Blogs

Blogs can be used for several purposes. The main agenda of Blogs is to connect with diverse audiences across the globe. If you’re aiming for business blogs, then it would be a great platform to gain traffic. 

  • Writers must post regularly to make the website alive. It helps businesses to seek the attention of potential clients. It leads to more income opportunities. 
  • It is a continuous process. Blogs appear on your websites as posts. Posting articles regularly can grab the attention of the viewers around 70%. 
  • Blogs are the best idea to promote your products, services, and awareness among people. 

Benefits of Blogging

Blogs are a perfect platform to showcase your skill in writing content. There is a handful of advantages you can get from blogging. Here’s a list of some benefits.

  • Showcase your writing skills through quality blog posts.
  • Share knowledgeable blog content
  • Promote your business
  • Build marketing and professional network
  • Engage in affiliate sales
  • Increase traffic by more than 8 times on their website
  • Achieve 3 times more leads from blogging regularly
  • Reduce marketing expenditure on other activities by more than 60%

You can create a free blog by using a blogging platform, such as WordPress. There are many benefits to using this platform, such as the ability to publish unlimited content and the fact that you can easily customize it to suit your needs. However, the free version of WordPress comes with a few drawbacks, which make it less appealing for some people. In this article, we will discuss some tips to help you create a free blog.

When you’re looking at how to start a blog for free, you’ll likely want to choose a topic niche. This is a particular area of interest related to your business or personal life. It will help you choose a blog name and develop a focused blogging strategy. Here in this article, you will find some tricks to start your first blog.

This is it. This article summarizes almost everything you need to know before you start your blogging and make money out of it. Don’t expect to become a millionaire when you start blogging for the first time. It takes time, so have some patience and start blogging today. You can always start with a catchy theme to gain attraction from your potential readers. Set up your blog today and share your blogging experience with us in the comment box below.

How To Start A Blog On Facebook

Starting a blog on Facebook can be a fantastic way to share your thoughts, express your creativity, and connect with a wider audience. With billions of active users, Facebook provides the perfect platform to easily disseminate your content and engage with readers from all walks of life. If you’ve been contemplating launching a blog or expanding your online presence, here’s a guide to help you get started on this dynamic social media platform.

First off, it’s crucial to determine the purpose and theme of your blog. Define the subjects you are passionate about and consider what you want to achieve through your writing. Choosing a specific niche will help you attract a relevant audience and establish yourself as an authority in that field. Whether it’s travel, fashion, food, fitness, or parenting, selecting a focused topic will allow you to cater to your readers’ interests and build a following.

Once you have an idea, the next step is creating a captivating and eye-catching Facebook page for your blog. Begin by selecting an attention-grabbing profile picture and cover image that accurately represent your blog’s theme and aesthetic. It’s essential to choose visuals that are both visually appealing and professionally-looking, as they are the face of your brand on the platform. Additionally, craft an engaging and concise description that clearly explains the purpose of your blog, leaving potential readers eager to find out more.

In order to establish an active community and foster meaningful interactions with your audience, it’s crucial to consistently publish quality content. Develop a content plan to ensure you provide your readers with regular updates. Be unique, captivating, and maintain a consistent style throughout your posts to cultivate brand identity. Engage your readers by directly responding to comments, asking questions, and encouraging discussions. This two-way communication will make your readers feel valued and apt to return to your page regularly.

Promotion is key to growing your blog’s visibility on Facebook. The platform offers various tools that can help you reach a wider audience. For starters, consider leveraging Facebook groups relevant to your niche to connect with like-minded individuals and share your content. Actively participate in these communities, engage in conversations, and showcase your expertise. Additionally, collaborate with other bloggers and influencers by cross-promoting each other’s content. This strategy can massively expand your reach and expose your blog to previously untapped demographics.

Remember to leverage the power of multimedia to engage your readers and make your content visually appealing. Facebook provides excellent options to incorporate photos, videos, and live broadcasts into your posts. Visual content has the advantage of grabbing attention and promptly conveying information, thus ensuring your blog stands out amidst the abundance of text-based posts on the platform. Additionally, investing in high-quality visuals will only enhance the overall professionalism of your blog.

Finally, track your blog’s progress on Facebook by utilizing the platform’s insights and analytics tools. These features will enable you to gain valuable insights into your audience demographics, post engagement, likes, and shares. By analyzing the collected data, you can refine your content, identify your readers’ preferences, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Understanding what works and what doesn’t will further propel the success of your blog.

Starting a blog on Facebook allows you to have a global reach, engage with readers directly, and showcase your content in innovative ways. By developing a clear strategy, consistently providing quality content, and actively engaging with your audience, you can nurture a thriving blog that flourishes on this dynamic social media platform. So, now it’s time to take the plunge, seize the opportunities, and embark on an exciting journey into the world of blogging on Facebook.


How do I start a blog for free?

While writing a blog isn’t that expensive, purchasing a domain and hosting can cost you some money. Therefore, if you are looking out to save some money, consider buying the WP Engine or Kinsta’s hosting package, which comes with a lot of freebies, as mentioned above, including a free domain. On the other hand, several websites will provide you with a domain totally free of cost with their name in the domain included.

How do I start a blog for business?

When blogging to boost your business, keep ‘User Intent’ in mind for your blogs. In short, only if your blogs are satisfying your target audience would you be able to gain traffic and conversions from your blog.

How do I get more followers for a blog?

To get more followers for a blog, consider sharing your blog on various social media pages and ask the audience to engage with the blog. Also, consider joining communities of similar niches and share your niche blogs there to drive new traffic. Moreover, you can also use keywords in your blogs and optimize them according to SEO to organically draw more traffic for your blog. Read other ways to promote your blog here.

Do I need to know coding to start blogging?

While there are a few websites or blogs written using HTML and CSS, WordPress has simplified the blogging process for even a layman who does not know of any of these! Using just basic computer and English skills, you can start your blog on WordPress as highlighted above.


Writing blog posts was always an uprising trend for content creators. In 2020 when the entire world was locked up in their houses, blogging sites have made a lot of difference. Mane people with good blog post ideas have started their own websites. Travel blog has become more popular than ever. The most desirable subject matter was the Covid protocol while you travel. Also, bloggers opted for affiliate products, guest blogging, and others to make money. Use the target keyword as much as possible and share your blogs on social media networks to get more traffic.

Blogging is a great tool in 2023 to capture new audiences, engage with the current audience, and increase conversion and sales for your business. With this guide, we have simplified the entire process to start a blog and earn money by content creation. Got a topic you are passionate about and want to tell the world about it? Or need to grow your business? Start blogging today!

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