How to Write a Movie Title in an Essay – A Simple Guide

If you are asking how to write a movie title in an essay, you’ve probably already decided that you want to write a movie script. This is good. All movies, whether they be musicals or blockbusters, start out as written material on paper. Most people take the time to make their movie titles as neatly and professionally as possible.


For that many people choose the best essay writing service available. However, we all know that some of the best screenplays ever written are lost on the pages of an academic textbook. But don’t despair.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

Movie Title in an Essay

Writing a movie title in an essay should be approached much like you would write a thesis for a paper. An outline will allow you to think of the main points you want to discuss, organize your ideas, and determine how relevant each idea should be to your overall theme. In essence, your title is your thesis statement.

After you have an outline to guide you, it should be relatively easy to decide how to proceed once you reach the actual writing. The structure of your essay will depend greatly on what kind of movie script title you decide to write. There are a few formats that can help you with this.

How to Write a Movie Title in an Essay

The movie title is the first thing readers will see, so it needs to be interesting enough to capture their attention. Try to imagine what the audience for the movie will be. You want your title to fit into the plot but also appeal to general moviegoers as well. This is especially true if the movie is intended for teenage girls. As such, there are three formats that can be used to format a movie title.

1. Short: One Word Per Line

The shortest format for a movie title is actually one word per line. If the title is longer, it may be better to use the word first, followed by another word or two, then a colon, and then the title. This format has been used for so long, it is still one of the most common, but it might not be as effective as it once was.

2. Block: Number of Characters Inside

Another format for a title is a block that has a number of characters inside. It can be a semi-colon, a question mark, one or two exclamation marks, and even a period. These choices make it easier for readers to determine what the story is about. However, since the format has become obsolete, it is probably better to stick with the bullet points for determining the story. This format is also not very useful if the movie script is long.

3. Keyword: One or Two Sentences

When learning how to write a movie title in an essay, keep the same guidelines in mind. Block titles work, but it is not very practical. If you need to include lots of information, it might be more beneficial to stick to the bullet points. There is also no need to write out the entire title this way, just a few keywords and a short sentence or two.

Learning how to write a movie script will show you the structure of a story. Each character should be named and placed in the correct spot. The other characters should be introduced. The action should take place. The goal is to have the reader follow the main characters from beginning to end.


The title is one of the most important sections of a movie. It should catch the audience’s attention and sell them on the script. As writers, we are always trying to learn new techniques. Learning how to write a movie title in an essay will help you achieve your goal.

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