How to Record a Webinar on Any Platform

It is easy to record a Webinar. Most technology systems will let you do it on the schedule you set. Some even allow you to replay parts if necessary. You may decide to use VoIP to record your Webinar so that you don’t need to record the entire thing each time. Some of the best webinar software allows you to record your webinar. Let’s just dig into this more.

Set Up Your Day The first step to how to record a webinar is to select a date to record. You will want to be flexible with your schedule so that other commitments don’t interfere with your seminar. Make sure that the date you select is not too close to the product launch date of your product. Or if you are planning a big event, like a seminar at a major industry event, try to pick a date less than two weeks before the event.

Choose Your Screen If you are using webinar software, you probably have screen options. Many include a screen capturing feature so that attendees can see you as they are seated in front of your computer. If your screen does not have this option, you can go to your webinar software’s help desk and find instructions for adding this functionality. Once you have installed your software, you should be able to select your screen. The same goes for if you are using a hand held camcorder.

Open Your Computer Screen After you have chosen your screen and recorded your webinar, you can start the recording by opening your computer screen. A new window will open and appear on your computer screen. Click on the “Open” button. A pop-up window will appear with your webcam setting (if you are using one) or your webinar software’s settings. Look for the option to connect to your YouTube feed so that you can share your webinar with your followers.

Use Your Mouse In order to capture your audio, or if you are using a screen recorder, use your mouse to point at the areas of interest on your computer screen. If you are using the mouse pointer, you will need to click on the screen in order to start recording. It is much easier to point at a certain spot on the screen as opposed to trying to move the mouse to get to a certain spot. Pointing and clicking is also a great way to make sure that no one has recorded the webinar on their computer when you are not present.

Click on the “Start Recording” button After you have chosen the location on your computer where you will start recording, you will see a small red button prompt. Clicking this button will start the recording immediately. At this point, you can view your recorded webinar online or watch it as it is being played. You may want to save the presentation to an external website so that you can share it with your employees later.

Use the Mac Screen Recorder After you have started the screen recording, you will need to go to the options menu and click “Mac Only”. This will ensure that you can only record through the Mac operating system. If you cannot play the webinar through the Mac operating system, you can use the webcast viewer in your Mac operating system. If you have a free version of Adobe Flash, you can right-click on the program icon and select “Flash Video”. Then you can click the button “Movie Recording” to start the screen recording.

How to Record a Webinar on iOS Devices When you have your Mac laptop or Apple iPad connected to your company’s iOS devices, you can record your webinar without a problem. Using the built-in webcasting functionality of your iOS devices, you can view your live webinar from anywhere. To record your webinar, go to the general section of the iOS device and click on the “Record Now” button. You will need to sign in to your account using your Apple ID. Next, you will need to enter the URL of the webinar site where you wish to record your presentation. After signing in to your account, you will be able to stream the presentation live to all of your iOS devices.

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