About Us

Hey there! I am Steve Spector, a nerd who is obsessed with writing and literature. I gathered a group of my friends (aka Roger, Ginna, and Penny) with similar obsessions and qualifications together to create 501words.net. I, along with my expert editor friends will help you understand the in-and-out of writing here.

Who Are We?

We are a group of Editors (including me) who came together to create 501words.net. Our experience and expertise in the field of writing and managing content make things easier for our readers. We came up with the idea of guiding newbies with their writing skills so that you don’t have to think twice before taking up a writing profession. We intend to share our knowledge with all of our readers and followers to guide them through.

Our Core Team:

Steve Spector (Founder) – Post Graduated in Applied Literature, Chicago. A nerd and a mentor who loves to write. explore, and is an expert in WordPress. Steve has been in practicing literature for the last 15 years.

Ginna Smith (Co-founder, Senior Editor) – Post Graduated in Ancient Literature, UK. A guide who is obsessed with exploring new things in the world of literature. Ginna has been mentoring newbies for the last 12 years.

Roger Hart (Senior Editor) – Post Graduated in History of British Literature, UK. An editor who is proofreading and editing thesis papers for the last 9 years.

Penny Gilbert (Senior Editor) – Post Graduated in Reading Specialist, Chicago. A teacher who follows the rule of learning by experiencing more than just bookish knowledge. Penny has been serving as a guide and a mentor in the school system for the last 8 years.

Story Behind 501Words.net

501words.net was born when we observed how people are struggling with their written content. Whether it is a business, a college assignment, or a career goal – writing and related tools are required everywhere in every step. 501words was created not only to lighten up people on the dos and don’ts of writing techniques but also to encourage newbies to start their own blogs and make money out of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our Mission

Our only mission is to guide people on whatever they seek in writing services. Be it a tool to improve your writing skills, a writing service that provides the best quality essays at reasonable prices, or guides on how to use homophones – we have everything for you served on a plate. It is your problem and our solution.

Problems you encounter when it comes to writing:

  • How to improve writing skills
  • How to choose a perfect writing service for assignments
  • How to start a blog
  • Which writing tool to choose when it comes to creating content
  • How to use Homophones

People at 501words.net got you covered. We offer all the solutions to these general problems you face almost every day.

Our Services

As of now, we do not offer any writing services directly. Our editors have shared their vast knowledge on several writing tips. You will get a list of “How-to” articles shared on this site. We came up with “Easy Guides” for you to improve your writing skills easily.

What’s on the menu:

  1. Honest Reviews of writing tools/services
  2. List of writing service providers, their packages, and prices
  3. A complete guide on Webinars – from a list of best webinar software to a guide on how to host a webinar
  4. Best uses of Homophones
  5. Pro tips to improve your professional writing that can make a good amount of money

Why Choose Us?

Honestly, we are not superheroes, we are not aliens either. We are normal people with a bit of more mastery in the field than newbies. Our practical apprehension and expertise will lead the newbies to learn more about writing error-free and professional content.

What Makes Us Better Than Others:

  • Our Editors’ Team – Industry experts with years of experience
  • Our Support Team – Our customer support team works round-the-clock to serve you the best
  • Our Easy-to-Follow Guides – Professional yet easy-to-understand guides on writing skills and related tools

All our guides are created on the basis of practical experiences. We faced issues, we had to struggle to find the solutions. Now, we are making it easier for you all. You come with a problem, we are ready with the solution.

Let’s talk… Contact us if you have any concerns or queries!