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The 5 Attitudes That Kill Writing Productivity – And How To Stop Them

Writing productivity is a high-priority. Every writer needs it to churn out more ideas, reach more audience, increase online influence, thereby maximizing success.

Writing productivity


In such a scenario, where everything rises and falls on efficiency, how can you build and optimize your writing productivity? Here’s the truth, knowing what hinders your proficiency is the leap to re-building it.

Follow this review to overhaul your writing productivity, and become the successful writer you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Laziness

The gap between talent and action is wide apart. While a gifted but lazy writer inadvertently kills his talent, a dedicatedly aspiring one would acquire twice the talent and achieve the impossible. It’s a matter of who leverages what.

Laziness is a friendly enemy that destroys gently and softly. When not making your calling fall on deaf ears, it takes you further behind success.

Would you get rid of it, or get destroyed?

Solution: Stop lazing around… if you want to build/hone your skill, get more works done, and start fulfilling your dream.

2. Perfectionism

One of the oldest myths about greatness is perfection. You just want to make the piece one-in-town, and you continue to walk around in circles… In the end, you are going to achieve nothing than self-sabotage.


There’s nothing to revel in a perfectionist tendency. You just can’t be perfect. No way. You can only be much, much better. And that’s even when you execute more, not the opposite.

Solution: Get on with making it right, not perfect. Go for progress, not perfection.

3. Putting money first

I teach writers how to make money off writing because creatives shouldn’t be a bunch of miseries. However, money comes not first … You cannot walk the same day you start crawling.

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Millions of blogs are abandoned every single day partly because the owners put money first. They’d expected dollars to start gushing in, the second day they launched the blog. But as it turned out, they made no dime. Even after years of such mindset.

So they had to quit, having lost all motivations much less writing productivity. Hilarious!

Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world.

—Rober Hillyer

Solution: First thing first, put in the right efforts. Either you blog or write for other publications, take the long walk to moving from an ordinary to extraordinary writer –and money shall come free.

4. I’m a know-it-all

In an old blog post, I discuss why reading other people’s work serves as the best, easiest way to fertilize your brain and enhance writing productivity. [You should read it]. But here, let’s highlight what the opposite of doing so means and how it sucks writers dry.

A know-it-all writer is one who thinks he needs no third-party assistance to convert his ideas into writing. The job is strictly between him and his ‘almighty’ brain, he believes. So he doesn’t consult other writers/works when writing an article.

You know what? Such a writer ends up with junks, eventually, exposing the absence the capacity to write independently.

Solution: Research every topic, and read broadly. In fact, you should steal wisely and professionally. That’s what all writers, including the celebrated veterans, do.

5. Writing to impress

If you’re looking for the fastest way to a futile effort, then write to impress. You won’t only lose the audience; you will equally lose your mind. It’s like throwing away your last bottle of water —all for a mirage.

Solution: To be constantly productive, take control of your creative mind. Be natural, simple, and realistic whenever you write.

What To Do Next To Boost Your Writing Productivity

Above are killer attitudes that, by and large, delay your success. Get up now and bow to them, no more.

What are the missing tips you’d like to have in this post? Add your voice in the comments below.