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Writing: 3 Proven Ways To Make 6 Figure Income In One Month

If ideal monetization of writing were to be a goal, collections of creative fictions ‘might’ not be the best decision in a Nigerian society – perhaps like everywhere else.

All genres of writing are great, but arts are never equal when it comes to money making.

That’s a simple truth. Let me give you an atlas of it.

The choice to make money from writing is utterly a business decision that must factor in: time, geographical, and demand realities. With this in mind, it is factual that almost everyone could pick a pen and write something about travel, pets, memories, and poems – no matter how junky.

So, if your writings were not celebrated enough (because the vast majority feel they could as well do it), here are proven writing goldmines you should consider in a digital age. How they have (and still do) turned writers into multi-millionaires is a magic to behold.

This simple list isn’t about maybes; it’s surefire hacks. Make the best decision now if you want to start making money, as a writer.

Writing: 3 Proven Ways To Make 6 Figure Income In A Month

#1. Web Content (Freelance writing)

The Internet is the new home. And quite unquestionable, the success of everything that exists on the web is determined by content.

For this reason, and a lot more, content writing freelancers live in boundless opportunities. I cannot begin to count but a myriad of sites provide interface platforms for freelance writers and potential clients – who are paying handsomely for hired services, every second.

Better still, another key to this success is a personal blog. It gives you an author platform and a vital portfolio for credible freelancing career. All bloggers agree that having a professional website is the cornerstone of successful freelancing.

But before you jump into any conclusion, here is how to write high-impact content. Learn, implement, and watch as your bank account climaxes into six-figures.

What content?

Check here for exhaustive lists. Or rather proceed for the smartest ones I’ve compiled for you.

#2. SEO Copywriting

Because SEO articles are also web ingredients, a similitude can be assumed between them and other web contents but note, SEO articles are replete with distinctive traits.

SEO writing is more than ordinary writings.

What’s SEO writing?

SEO writing, according to onlinewritingjobs.com, is a form of writing that helps websites become more visible to major search engines like Google and Bing.

From the name, “Search Engine Optimization” is making a website appear on top of the list of search engine results with the immediate aim of getting more online visitors to a particular website, using content as the bait.

So what’s the big deal?

Freelance writing is a kingmakerThere has been an astonishing business, here, for writers who can make companies popular, online, increase their sales, and bring them more revenues. Doing this, the most amazing thing is the number of accolades you win – after the handsome payment – from a high-profile team of Managing Directors who take pleasure in bullying their employees, naturally.

What a game-changer freelancing is!

Meanwhile, you are going to get smarter with how to write SEO friendly articles and take the business a little seriously, if you want these profits plus the accolades.

#3. Copywriting

Are the options above too serious? Here’s another way to make money online as a writer.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with multitudes of Internet users stuck to it like a swarm of bees. From this, did you know writing could fetch you crazy earnings?

I’m calling you to scriptwriting.

If you can do it the right way, writers who provide seductive scripts (with an endless appeal) for viral YouTubers get a heap of money. As a subscriber, you’re part of their donators. Lol.

YouTube pays – YouTubers who link Google AdSense to their channels – 68% of ad revenues for every time a video is watched for longer than 30 seconds. In another account, a video creator earns $2,000 for every million views.

Script Writing for YouTube business

On the whole, YouTube presents a plethora of opportunities for action takers, not pleasure seekers. Knowing that the video-sharing website processes more than 3 billion searches in a month, the former give the latter what to learn or laugh about – and make tons of money from it.

Alternatively, you could have someone else as the character while you’re the content creator. This is if you think your voice/face is not nice enough. But in all honesty, what really matters is the value. Not your face nor voice.

Wrap up:

James Chartrand talks about why some people make money writing and others never will; according to her, there are two types of writers in this world: the people whose writing has a positive net effect on their lives and their businesses, and the hobbyists.

If you choose to go for the former, a writing that pays off, you won’t hesitate to grab the bull by the horn. Will you?

What are the missing tips you’d like to have in this post? Add your voice in the comments below.