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Welcome to 501 Words. It’s all about how to write intelligently like a pro and make money off the craft. Beyond, it’s about helping brands increase their profit.


Shakir Akorede – 501 Words

I’m Shakir Akorede, a writer, content marketing expert, and the founder of 501 Words.

On this blog, I teach how to build a profitable writing career. Beyond, I write about startups, entrepreneurship, marketing and a few other topics concerning the Internet economy. You can find my works on EntrepreneurForbes Africa, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global among other world’s prominent sites where I’m a contributor or regularly published.

From the status of a lazy intermittent writer, I feel privileged to have become one of the internationally recognized professional writers.

Did I cut corners? No. I built the skills by the day, availing myself of the resources out there and, lo and behold, you don’t need to toil like I did, should you wish to acquire the same skill set. What worked for me can work for you, too. Yes.

And the good new is: I’m sharing everything with you for FREE on this blog. So help yourself by not missing out.


While I do all this, I help businesses progress up the ladder: build a reputable online brand with increased visibility, drive quality leads, and skyrocket their income.


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About 501 Words

This blog is a resource hub for creative writers. We help you unleash the writer in you and build a successful writing career, leaping from what used to be a hobby to a highly profitable daily life. We fulfil this by providing best vertical tips on writing, blogging, and freelancing – all you need to start/keep making money as a writer.

What’s special about the blog?

Keeping to the norms of the digital culture, 501 Words communicates in lucid styles while unpacking the technical knowledge you need to hone your writing and earn more profit.

In fact, we do not only break down the complicated ones, we make the simple ones simpler … that you no longer have any excuse to fail as a writer. Sounds interesting?

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