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How Ordinary Readers Can Become Extraordinary Writers

How ordinary readers can become extraordinary writers

Among every other thing, the goal of all penmen is to become extraordinary writers: write with more wit and grit, and contribute some tokens to the intellectual world. However, should ordinary readers ever dream of writing much less becoming proficient writers? Could they ever have a worth-sharing message? […]

The 5 Attitudes That Kill Writing Productivity – And How To Stop Them

Attitudes that kill writing productivity

Writing productivity is a high-priority. Every writer needs it to churn out more ideas, reach more audience, increase online influence, thereby maximizing success. In such a scenario, where everything rises and falls on efficiency, how can you build and optimize your writing productivity? Here’s the truth, knowing what […]

The Writer’s Guide: 3 Writing Mistakes That Make You Sound Silly

The Writer’s Guide: 3 Mistakes That Make Your Writing Sound Silly

As a writer, you’re probably familiar with the popular writer’s guide: “write to express, not impress,” and you understand that the nugget summarizes how to make sense to your readers by conveying your thoughts in simple, clear terms. But in spite of this understanding, you still grapple with […]

How To Write For Millennials (And Increase Your Online Success)

How To Write For Millennials (And Increase Your Online Success)

Why write for millennials? Why is it so important to entice the digital natives with adorable content? Research says the millennial generation is the most populous in human history and, at the same time, the largest online community of readers and, of course, consumers. Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report […]

Writing: 3 Proven Ways To Make 6 Figure Income In One Month

Writing: 3 Proven Ways To Make 6 Figure Income In A Month

If ideal monetization of writing were to be a goal, collections of creative fictions ‘might’ not be the best decision in a Nigerian society – perhaps like everywhere else. All genres of writing are great, but arts are never equal when it comes to money making. That’s a […]